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BackThe Aussie Pantry Tastes of Australia

Meet the hero of the Australian Bush Spices story ... our bush heritage.

​The vast Australian landscape is wild, raw and spectacular.  Earthy tones, organic textures and distinct native scents infuse her terrain, unearthed as a rich bounty of intense bush flavours - the seeds, nuts, leaves and berries gathered from her indigenous flora by Aboriginal tribes over tens of thousands of years.
Life a culinary adventure spanning the Australian landscape, the incredible powers of these bold, natural flavours have been harnessed for the modern menu by a well known gourmet foodie and Australian Bush Spices founder.
Introduced to the powerful flavours of the Australian bush in the late 1990s, the former restauranteur instantly succumbed to the aromatic spell of these ancient delights.
Seven years of culinary experimentation would follow, broadened by a move to the northern NSW region of Byron Bay, renowned for its abundant, lush, organic produce and dynamic food scene.
Intent of capturing the essence of a dramatic Australian landscape with the 'fruits' of our native flora, a 'feast for the senses' was born in Australian Bush Spices, showcasing these distinct natural flavours across a premium range of cross-cultural food fusions for global palates to enjoy.

Healthy Spices using native flavours and natural organic ingredients.

Award Winning Blends...award winning

The company has been picking up accolades and awards at Sydney Regional Food Festivals since it's inception in 2008, and it's easy to see why!

Yellow Dukkah
... Winner of three Bronze Medals, 2008, 2009 & 2011 Royal Easter Show Regional Food Category.
Blue Seafood Blend
... Winner of Bronze Medal 2011 Royal Sydney Show Regional Food Category.
Pink Sweet Dusting
... Winner Silver Medal Sydney Royal Show Regional Food Competition.
Red Meat Blend
... Winner of Silver Medal, 2009 and two Bronze Medals 2008 & 2011 Royal Sydney Show Regional Food Category.
​Orange Bush Curry
... Winner of two Bronze Medals 2010 and 2011 Royal Sydney Show Regional Food Category.
Violet Sweet Cooking Spice
... Winner of a silver medal, 2011 Royal Sydney Show Regional Food Category.

Making a Differenceaust bush spices hand logo

Ethically Sourced Native Ingredients

Indigenous growers and pickers supply large portions of the ingredients used in their products. These are all remote and regional businesses and Australian BushSpices are delighted to support their efforts. While the company tries to source locally, the ingredients are also sourced . eithically. Ingredients such as lemon myrtle, macadamias, bunya nuts, aromatic strawberry gum and finger limes are sourced locally; bush tomatoes are from central Australia and wattleseed, and quandong from South Australia, and pepperberries hand picked and harvested in Tasmania. Australian Bush Spices certainly lives up to its name!

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The company has also re-designed its packaging with recycled cardboard, as part of the brand’s determination to decrease the size of its carbon footprint. The lighter containers will also mean a reduction in freighting load,meaning less fossil fuel burnt.  All a part of being a responsible corporate and environmental citizen.

Lovely Lemon Myrtle!lovely lemon myrtle

Lemon Myrtle is without doubt the most popular of Australia’s native herbs, with its distinct citrus flavour and fresh fragrance of lime and lemongrass. It complements many foods, from chicken and meats, fish, seafood and pasta, to desserts like ice cream, sorbet and cheesecakes.
It is one of the most cultivated and commercially mature species in the native food industry and shows wonderful potential as a specialist food ingredient, functional food and cosmetic ingredient. It has the advantage of being a very versatile plant. The lemony leaves work as beautifully in a marinade as they do in herbal infusions. 
The leaves contain the highest amount of citral [>90%] of any plant known in the world, leading to a common description that it is ‘more lemony than lemon’. ​High in antioxidants, Vitamin E, Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium. it also has anti-microbial and antifungal properties.

Discover the taste of original Australian bush tucker, native bush foods grown by traditional indigenous communities. 

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