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BackFor Tea Lovers - The Tea Flavour Specialists

For Tea Lovers - The Tea Flavour Specialists

Meet Madame Flavour

Welcome to the perfect cup of tea!  Madame began her mission to surprise and delight in 2007. She learnt that until last century, most people drank loose leaf tea in pots. Full of ritual, the special pot would sit quietly amidst gentle conversation whilst the aroma of fresh tea leaves filled the room. Nowadays, this practice has been replaced by quick supermarket tea bags. This new way of drinking tea we cannot see, and although convenient, it simply does not feel the same. And in addition to this, it uses grades of tea called ‘Fannings’ and ‘Dust’– imagine that!

And so Madame created loose leaf tea blends in sensual tea pyramids, pouring herself into making each pack just perfect. A little something special for her community of friends. With each cup of tea comes the gift of a few minutes of personal reflection time, and the hope that you will use it to remember the things that truly matter to you. Madame's wish is that you all find your own ways to steal away and take a moment to remind yourself of what matters to you.

Making a Difference


Biodegradable Silky Pyramids

What began in 1907 as a convenient silk bag full of tea leaves has declined over the last 100 years into a paper bag filled with very small grades of tea, called ‘fannings’ and ‘dust’. Convenient, yes, but not the same experience.
Inside a tiny gyoza restaurant in Kyoto, Madame was presented with her first tea pyramid and was hooked. They are irresistible. Sensual silken purses, designed to hold loose tea leaves, those needing  more space to expand when they infuse. It is an unexpected, grounding pleasure to see, touch and smell real tea leaves, spices and flower petals through that delicate mesh. Tea pyramids are a complete sensory experience.
Madame's pyramids  are sealed with heat, so there are no staples or bleaching of paper. Best of all, we are proud to share with you that Madame Flavour pyramids are fully biodegradable. Not made from nylon, but instead from an extract of corn – this process takes from a year to five, depending on heat and humidity (instead of hundreds of years for nylon). There is just one source in the world: Osaka, Japan. They are costlier and more difficult to fill, but despite resistance, this is a decision Madame is glad she made and stuck with.

Our Teabags

The vast majority of the tea bag material is cellulose / paper. A very small amount of polymer (plastic) is added to give strength. The string is cotton and we do not use staples or glue to attach it; the string is hand knotted to the bag.


Our teas are packed in Sri Lanka, where the freshest Ceylon tea is plucked and packed to order. Madame's team are Madame Flavour experts, it has been almost the same group of amazing individuals working on ordering, quality checking, blending and filling since the beginning. 
Madame's partner factory is unique. It has been certified a ‘carbon inset’ – not offset factory. Instead of paying someone else to plant trees to offset their carbon emissions, the partner factory produce enough of their own wind power to more than offsets their emissions.


In terms of composting, it depends on where you are and how much time you have. In a humid environment, they will decompose within 1-2 years. In cooler Southern states it can take a little longer and the process will be helped along with a Bokashi before adding to your compost.


Madame packages tea in a way that will keep the tea freshest and with the best flavour to give you the best tea experience. Tea loses its aromatics when exposed to oxygen, so fresh flavour usually involves foil sealing, as foil has one of the highest oxygen barriers.
Madame's team are very conscious of our precious environment, everything they do is with a kind, gentle and loving touch.
The box your tea comes in is printed with vegetable inks and can be recycled. The foil pouch is made up of biodegradable items – aluminium foil bonded with paper. When separated they can be recycled.

Where Your Tea Comes From

Lemon Myrtle Leaf

Madame's favourite in the emerging world of native Australian flavours. Lemon myrtle has the advantage of being a very versatile plant. The lemony leaves work as beautifully in a marinade as they do in herbal infusions. Madame's idea was to add a little to the already citrus earl grey recipe. The lemon myrtle leaf is sourced from a farm in Lismore. 


Product highlights: Products contain no synthetic additives, or ingredients.  The natural, botanically based products are essentially the finest quality available, which are naturally gentle on  on the environment. All products in the range are Biodegradable and Eco-responsible.  Our select range of teas and herbal infusions contain lemon myrtle leaf and natural ingredients, to complement our other carefully selected lemon myrtle products.


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