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BackEco Soy Hand Poured Wax Melts

Eco Soy Hand Poured Wax Melts

Over the past few years Wax Melts (tarts) have become an increasingly popular scented item, and are being preferred over candles now for various reasons such as:

  • Wax Melts heat up quickly, thereby emitting aroma faster than candles
  • Wax Melts do not have an open flame like candles, and do not produce any smoke if burned properly (*see burning tips below)
  • Wax Melts are an inexpensive way to infuse your home environment with fragrance
  • You can control the strength of the aroma in your home depending upon the number of melts you burn at one time
  • Some believe they have a stronger, longer lasting aroma than candles, because the wax fully melts and gets hotter in an oil burner, thus maximising scent throw. 
  • Candles are mainly for ambience and a milder scent throw, wax melts are designed to fully fragrance the home environment. Larger rooms are best scented using wax melts which give off stronger aroma than candles.

Our Lemon Myrtle  Eco Soy Hand Poured Wax Melts provide additional benefits as they are made with 100% lemon myrtle oil and Eco Soy wax - no additives, colours or diluted with other fragrances - with the therapeutic benefits of Lemon Myrtle essential oil.  Check them out here.

Burning tips and safety: At Lemon Myrtle Natural we want you to experience the maximum enjoyment and pleasure from our handmade wax melts.  We take great pride in making them using only the finest quality ingredients. However it is very important that you use them responsibly to ensure their safe use.  Please follow these guidelines to ensure Lemon Myrtle Natural wax melts are a fragrant part of your lifestyle.

  • Place your Lemon Myrtle wax melt in a well-ventilated, approved wax melt burner and never add water.  They come in a variety of styles, some use tea ights however a flame should never touch the melt bowl, there should be at least a 5 cm clearance to prevent it catching fire.  There are many unsafe burners on the market. 
  • We recommend our Electric Vaporiser Warmers which are safe to use with no open flame, and warm the wax at a lower temperature.
  • Never use an oil burner, heat on a stove or use any other non-approved burner, they get too hot!
  • Do not heat if the melting bowl contains less than 1cm of wax.
  • Never leave a burner unattended, or place where pets or children could knock it over.  Never move a lit burner, and always place your burner on a solid heat resistant and stable surface.
  • Place at table height or a low shelf, rather than low areas.  Placing your melts on the floor makes them vulnerable to being knocked over.
  • Never place burners near flammable objects like curtains, soft furnishings or flammable liquids or gases.
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Lemon Myrtle Hand Poured Ecosoy Wax Melt - single
Lemon Myrtle Natural's wax melts are the natural choice for your environment. Our hand poured..
$3.50 $3.00
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Lemon Myrtle Hand Poured Ecosoy Wax Melt - box (4)
Lemon Myrtle Natural's wax melts are the natural choice for your environment. Our hand poured..
$12.00 $10.00
Ex Tax: $9.09
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