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Anti-microbial Activity of Backhousia citridora oil - Tracey Ryan, Heather Cavanagh and Jenny Wilkinson, School of Biomedical Sciences - Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga NSW .

Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil - a body tasked with ensuring responsible and sustainable palm oil production, its initiatives to prevent deforestation and protect peatland. The RSPO  is addressing these destructive practices through accreditation of palm farms worldwide.  Accreditation/certification means those farmers work within the standards of practice set out by the round table committee to ensure eco-friendly farming practices.  Rainforest Remedies' palm oil supplier is one of the companies certified by the RSPO. 


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Allergy Medical Group -
Allergy Medical is a doctor-operated clinic dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and management of allergies. Their doctors and clinical support staff are specially trained and their clinic is specially equipped in allergy diagnosis and treatment

What Can I Eat
What Can I EatWhat Can I Eat partners people to products, goods and services dedicated to supporting people who are searching to meet their specific dietary and personal care needs. What Can I Eat is a database of products, information and services all in the one convenient space!
Presenting a unique online resource to find products and services to solve your allergy needs.


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Rainforest RemediesRainforest Remedies
Rainforest Remedies is a 100% Australian owned company dedicated to providing quality, sustainably sourced natural skincare products. They are passionate about the importance of a natural, healthy lifestyle from what goes into our bodies, to what goes onto our bodies. They use locally sourced, organically grown lemon myrtle in all of their products. Experience the fragrance of the Australian rainforest through their natural lemon myrtle skincare range. Their products are natural and 100% cruelty free.

Aromamatic Products
Aromamatic ProductsAromamatic Products is an Australian company that developed a revolutionary and innovative device for vaporizing of aromatherapy essential oils, which was both a safer and more effective solution than the candle burner. The Aromamatic Electric Oil Vaporizer met with immediate market acceptance both nationally and internationally and complies with Australian Relevant Standards. Aromamatic Products has grown to become one of the world’s leading aromatherapy companies supplying retail and direct marketing chains in Australia and distributors in Asia, the South Pacific and Europe.

Simplyclean is a range of sensitiser free, toxin free and earth safe home cleaning and personal care products. Simplyclean is the healthier alternative eco cleaning range for your home, with no compromise on cleaning performance. An Australian company, it provides not simply eco cleaning products but human healthy products.  A cleaning range completely free of irritating chemicals to provide relief for people  who have any kind of skin sensitivity or allergy, and an alternative for people who, like many of us, are concerned about the carcinogenic (hazardous) effect that daily exposure to harmful chemicals used in the home can have on our long term health. No nasties or concerning chemicals like SLS, SLES, parabens, mineral oils or diethanolamides, all commonly found in everyday cleaning products. The star ingredient in the range is pure Australian lemon myrtle oil.

Thurlby Herb Farm
Thurlby Herb FarmA pioneer that has supported environmental, sustainable principles in business for over 30 years, Thurlby Herb Farm sources only the finest quality ingredients for their products, from ethical sources, locally if possible. The company was established on strong environmental and ethical grounds. The product packaging is predominantly made from recycled cotton fibre.  The natural, botanically based products and recycled packaging are naturally gentle on your skin, gentle on the environment. The products are created by hand, using traditional herbal knowledge and methods. And importantly, they contain no synthetic additives, no parabens or lauryl sulphates, and are not tested on animals. Their founding principle is to make fine quality botanically based products - without synthetic additives - the sort of products they would like to use themselves.

Outback Spirit
Outback SpiritOutback Spirit is part of a proudly 100% Australian owned company and a real family business. The founders are recognised pioneers of the Australian native food industry and have been at the forefront since its inception in 1986. The company was established in 1997 with a vision is to bring Indigenous foods into the mainstream food market and the company is the industry leader supplying the Outback Spirit branded range of products to supermarkets nationally in Australia. In 2000 they decided to formalise their relationships with the company’s Indigenous suppliers and established an ethical supply chain which has ensured that benefits from the sale of Outback Spirit products go back to the Aboriginal people who are developing their own enterprises based on native foods. The company also established the Outback Spirit Foundation in 2008 and work closely with the Indigenous Food Fund on projects at Community level. All their products are natural with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, contain no genetically modified ingredients and gluten free.

Bush Walk CandlesBush Walk Candles
Bushwalk Candles embrace Australian heritage and keep the bush scents and stories alive in their hearts. Their connection to the bush is inherited from a long history of proud Australians and story tellers, and they have used these memories to inspire and create their range of authentic Australian scented beeswax candles. Bushwalk Candles are handmade using natural beeswax sourced from local bee keepers in South East and Far North Queensland. They use natural first melt beeswax that still holds some of the delicious golden honey within its cells. This results in a beautiful amber colour and a faint sweet scent as the natural wax melts. This pure beeswax blends perfectly with Australian bush scents and oils to create beautiful scented candles that embrace the essence of the Australian bush.

Madame Flavour Bush Walk Candles
Welcome to the perfect cup of tea!  Madame began her mission to surprise and delight in 2007. She learnt that until last century, most people drank loose leaf tea in pots. Full of ritual, the special pot would sit quietly amidst gentle conversation whilst the aroma of fresh tea leaves filled the room. Nowadays, this practice has been replaced by quick supermarket tea bags. This new way of drinking tea we cannot see, and although convenient, it simply does not feel the same. And in addition to this, it uses grades of tea called ‘Fannings’ and ‘Dust’– imagine that! And so Madame created loose leaf tea blends in sensual tea pyramids, pouring herself into making each pack just perfect. A little something special for her community of friends. With each cup of tea comes the gift of a few minutes of personal reflection time, and the hope that you will use it to remember the things that truly matter to you. Madame's wish is that you all find your own ways to steal away and take a moment to remind yourself of what matters to you.

Australian Bush Spices Bush Walk Candles
Meet the hero of the Australian Bush Spices story ...our bush heritage. The vast Australian landscape is wild, raw and spectacular.  Earthy tones, organic textures and distinct native scents infuse her terrain, unearthed as a rich bounty of intense bush flavours - the seeds, nuts, leaves and berries gathered from her indigenous flora by Aboriginal tribes over tens of thousands of years. Life a culinary adventure spanning the Australian landscape, the incredible powers of these bold, natural flavours have been harnessed for the modern menu by a well known gourmet foodie and Australian Bush Spices founder.Introduced to the powerful flavours of the Australian bush in the late 1990s, the former restauranteur instantly succumbed to the aromatic spell of these ancient delights. Seven years of culinary experimentation would follow, broadened by a move to the northern NSW region of Byron Bay, renowned for its abundant, lush, organic produce and dynamic food scene.Intent of capturing the essence of a dramatic Australian landscape with the 'fruits' of our native flora, a 'feast for the senses' was born in Australian Bush Spices, showcasing these distinct natural flavours across a premium range of cross-cultural food fusions for global palates to enjoy.









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