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BackPremium Personal & Body Care

Rejuvenate yourself with the premium range of Lemon Myrtle skincare and personal care products, for normal, dry, sensitive and problem skin. Our Lemon Myrtle personal and body care products are produced by Rainforest Remedies, which was established in 1999 by uniting a team of highly experienced, dynamic and visionary Australian farmers. 

The company has incorporated Lemon Myrtle in a range of bodycare products that have become a huge success in Australia.  Many people have reported that our Lemon Myrtle products have been beneficial for dry, sensitive and problem skin including Dermatitis, Eczema and Psoriasis.  

Product highlights:  potent and active anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; highest citral content of any known plant in the world. Ideal for sensitive skin that is easily irritated.  Contains no: sodium laurel sulphate, parabens, petrochemicals. Not tested on animals. Farmed and formulated to exacting standards, without compromise.

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