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BackLoofah Pocket with Lemon Myrtle Soap

Loofah Pocket with Lemon Myrtle Soap
Loofah Pocket with Lemon Myrtle Soap Loofah Pocket with Lemon Myrtle Soap
Brand: Combination Packs
Product Code: TH LPS
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Loofah - the ultimate luxury in bathing sponges!

For centuries loofahs have been prized as the ultimate luxury in bathing sponges.  They are totally biodegradable, natural and renewable resource as they are made from the fruits of the Luffa aegyptiaca vine.  

Sourced from the Luffa plant which leaves a durable network of fibers after treating and drying the fruit, the resulting mildly abrasive scrubber exfoliates your skin and enhances surface circulation. It is a natural renewable product that will slough off dead cells and smooth rough skin, leaving your skin smooth and revitalised. 

They have been used for bathing products because when wet, the loofah fibre swells and becomes sponge-like, gently exfoliating while stimulating circulation.  

Supplied with  high quality vegetable based soap made entirely from natural ingredients and blended with Lemon Myrtle oil, ready for use in shower or bath. This unique blend of natural ingredients cleanses, moisturises and invigorates the skin, leaving behind the pleasant and soothing fragrance of the rainforest. 
This soap is very gentle on the skin, and the unique perfume that the pure Lemon Myrtle oil brings to the soap is refreshing and invigorating to normal and sensitive skin. Blended with Lemon Myrtle oil to give a gentle cleansing action.


The outermost layer of your skin, the epidermis, naturally sheds dead skin cells. Exfoliation helps this natural process along, using gentle friction to brush excess skin cells from the surface of your skin. Removing dead skin cells not only improves the look of your skin, it also helps regenerate the growth of new skin cells.

Improving Circulation

Any friction on your skin increases localised blood flow. Capillaries, the tiny blood vessels closest to your skin, naturally expand when stimulated.  A loofah stimulates increased circulation to areas that you scrub with it. Unlike harshly abrasive scrubbers and sponges, a loofah's firm but elastic fibers are round in cross section and are less likely to scratch skin.

Wrapped around the Lemon Myrtle soap it will improve the look of your skin, help regenerate the growth of new skin cells and increase circulation to your skin. Moisten the pocket and enjoy the cleansing and pampering, leaving behind the pleasant and soothing fragrance of the rainforest. 
Each pocket has a velcro closure so it can be refilled. 

Lemon Myrtle Soap Ingredients:
odium palmitate, Sodium palm kernelate, Palm kernel acid, Sodium chloride, Purified water, Glycerine, Lemon Myrtle oil, Macadamia oil.  Contains organic natural colour pigments C.I. 19140 Yellow 5, C.I. 77007 Ultramarines, C.I. 77891 White 6. 

Product highlights:  potent and active anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; highest citral content of any known plant in the world. Ideal for sensitive skin that is easily irritated. Contains no: sodium laurel sulphate, parabens, petrochemicals. Not tested on animals.


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