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BackDeluxe 2inOne Oil & Wax Vaporizer - Saffron Swirl Coral

Deluxe 2inOne Oil & Wax Vaporizer - Saffron Swirl Coral
Brand: Aromamatic Products
Product Code: AP 2-1S
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Essential Oil & Soy Wax Melts Vaporizer

Pamper your senses and create an aromatic atmosphere to enhance your wellbeing with your favourite aromatherapy Essential Oils or Wax Melts, using the uniquely designed Deluxe 2inOne Oil & Wax Vaporizer. With its operating temperature the vaporizer gently reveals the delightful scents of your Essential Oil or Wax Melt without changing their aromatic qualities.   Simply the finest way to bring the benefits of aromatherapy into your life.

•  No Naked Flame  •  No Oily Hot Water  •  No On Going Cost  •  Reliable  •  Water Free
•  Government Approved

Safety and peace of mind are the dominant features of the Deluxe 2inOne Electric Vaporizer, by eliminating the potentially dangerous naked flame and oily hot water. The 2inOne Vapoizer provides a Safe, Clean and more Efficient way to use either your Essential Oils, Blends and Soy Wax Melts and this versatile vaporizer provides the best way for you to enjoy the wonderful world of aromatics.

Designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of pure essential oils, the Aromamatic vaporizer operates at a constant minimal temperature, allowing gentle vaporization and eliminating the need to add water. The vaporizer's gentle temperature is warm enough to vaporize, but not hot enough to burn your favorite pure essential oils, blends or soy wax melts.

As the vaporizer bowl is the only part to emit heat, the body remains cool to touch and is safe to handle even when electrical power is turned on. The Deluxe 2inOne Electric Oil Vaporizer vaporizes essential oils and blends much more subtly than candle burners without affecting their aromatic properties. The Deluxe 2inOne Oil & Wax Vaporizer is a decorative ceramic piece and is an ideal addition to any home, workplace, hospital or nursing home.

Product Features

  • Avoids the use of oily hot water
  • Eliminates volatile naked flame
  • Only the recessed area of the vaporizer emits heat
  • Water is not required to assist vaporization
  • Vaporizer temperature does not vary when left on 24/7
  • Will not overheat and remains cool to the touch
  • Safe to handle when in use
  • Operation is safe, simple and convenient
  • Low cost, economical and eco-friendly
  • Complies with Australian relevant standards
  • Easy to clean & maintain after use
  • One Year Guarantee on all electrical components
  • Fully insulated internal wiring system
  • Self regulating low temperature produces subtle, effective vaporization
  • Operating temperature is between 80-85° C and is rated at 6 watts
  • Maximum operating cost is less than 8 cents a day even when switched on 24/7
  • No ongoing costs of tea lights or light bulbs
  • Natural insulation characteristics of porcelain
  • Ideal for the any location or environment
  • Dimensions: W 12cm x H 7cm

Instruction & Information Guide

How to Use your 2inOne Electric Vaporizer

Plug the vaporizer into a standard electrical outlet and turn the power on. Please allow 15 minutes to reach full operating temperature. Then simply add your favourite essential oils/blends or soy wax melt to the bowl, as recommended, Take care not to overfill the vaporizer as spilled oils or wax may damage some surfaces.  The vaporizer does not require water.                                             

        When Using Essential Oils

  • Add 8-10 drops of your favourite essential oil or blend to the bowl & enjoy the aroma.
  • Use only pure essential oils or essential oil blends. Products (essential oils) diluted with base/carrier oils will not vaporize.
  • Take care not to overfill the vaporiser.
  • Use only recommended quantities.
  • Spilled oils may damage some surfaces.
  • Vaporization time equates with candle burners that require both water and naked flame to operate.

        When Using Soy Wax Melts

  • Remove all labels or packaging from the wax melts before use.
  • Add your favourite soy wax melt or tart  to the bowl & enjoy the aroma.
  • Dissolving time of wax melts will vary from product to product.
  • To remove used soy wax melts, let the melt cool & harden then gently dislodge it from the Vaporizer and replace with a new melt.


Caring for Your Vaporizer

After your essential oil has vaporized from the bowl, wipe clean with a damp cloth. Alternatively, add 2-3 drops of essential oil or vaporizer cleanser to the warm bowl to loosen any residue that may remain. Always remember to clean your vaporizer regularly to prevent residue buildup.

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